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We're an easy to use online music booking service. We match-make venues with local music: DJs, emerging artists and covers bands of all genres.


Band, solo artist or DJ? Live&Loud has gigs for you. From emerging artists to covers bands, house to pop DJs, there are venues with available gig slots waiting to hear from you.

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Pub, club or bar? Live&Loud gives you the choice of connecting with the right artists for your event at a budget you choose. Live entertainment is a proven driver of footfall. The Live Music Act 2012 means all on-licenced venues no longer need a costly live music licence to host gigs.

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1000s of events have been booked with us. We show the best matched local artists or venues for you - taking the hassle out of booking live music, and helping you play more gigs.

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"Live&Loud has anticipated the Government's Licensing Act which will unlock a new explosion in grass roots live music."

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"It's now clear that music is one of the most positive ways for pubs to keep customers coming through the doors."
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