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We made this festival because of how badly treated everyone in the arts industry has been this year by the UK government. The festival will feature a range of performances throughout the day all prerecorded and played out on a YouTube live stream. The audience will have the opportunity to donate throughout the day and this will all go to an arts charity that helps fund the industry.

What we would require from you is a video recording of a 10 – 25-minute performance. This can be something you have recorded and released before but would be amazing if it was something new you had put together specifically for the festival. If you have any questions regarding how to create this or want someone to edit this, we have a team of talented editors and videographers who can be on hand to assist you with video calls available. If this sounds like something you are interested in, please get in contact with us and we can supply with you with some more information.

Looking for artists (9 slots available)

Jak Lewis