General FAQs

What is Live&Loud?

Live&Loud is the UK's definitive entertainment booking service for venues and artists. We're backed by the music industry. Connecting live venues, pubs, bars, clubs, restaurants & hotels with artists and DJ's of all genres.

Why should I use Live&Loud - What are the benefits?


Live&Loud takes all of the stress and complication out of booking and managing all of your live entertainment needs; from sourcing the right artists to saving you time and effort with an efficient management and promotional tool.


Live&Loud takes the grief out of finding, booking and managing your events all in one place. We’re here to help you get as much exposure and regular performances as possible.

How does it work?

Whether you're a venue looking for an artist for your event or an artist looking to book more gigs, we provide the best matches for you based on location, genre and our unique rating system.

How much does Live&Loud cost?


Live&Loud is free for venues and event organisers, all you need to pay for is the artist fees.


L&L charges a commission of 15% on all artist fees; to be paid by the artists when paid cash on the night or deducted by Live&Loud when paid via Live&Loud.

How does the artist get paid?

Venues can either pay the artist cash on the night of the event or Live&Loud can pay the artist on the venue’s behalf and send the venue a VAT invoice.

How do I join?

Simply sign up for free, fill out your profile then create a new event slot if you're a venue or check out events if you’re an artist. Don't forget, the more complete your profile, the better your gig matches.

How do I get started / book an event?


First, create a new event slot on your profile and be sure to choose the right category and genres so we can deliver the best artist matches or you can search for artists you like and send them a request - the more open slots you have available the more requests you'll receive.


Browse through the venues matched for you, find an open event slot and send a booking request, it's that simple.

How can I tell if an artist is right for my venue?

Everything you need to know about the suitability of an artist for your event, from the category and genre of music they play, to videos, music and their social media following is all in one place; the artist profile. We also remind artists when requesting gigs to only apply for suitably matched events.

What equipment will I need? How do I know whether or not the band has everything they need to perform?

You do not need any equipment to host a gig, many of the artists on Live&Loud can provide everything they need to get playing. However, if you do not have a PA System we strongly recommend that you invest in one as the majority of artists can not provide their own. There are many affordable good quality systems available and we'd be happy to help with some advice if needs be. (for example, a good Yamaha StagePAS with 3 mics & stands is c. £650 while a Laney set-up for solo/duo is c. £350).

In order to avoid any mishaps it's always best to message the artist directly through L&L once you've confirmed the booking so you know exactly what equipment they are providing on the night and what you need to provide.

I do not have a stage. Can I still host live music nights at my venue?

You do not need a raised stage but you do need a space for the artist to perform. Consider the best spot in your venue and try experimenting with different options to find the best fit.

I have neighbours so can't play loud music, is this service right for me?

Not every performance needs to be loud and not every artist needs to be at the centre of the action while they are performing. Many of the artists on L&L are specialists in creating an atmosphere more akin to a speakeasy than a festival!
Our artists are versatile performers and it is always worth talking with them to see if they have a set of songs more in line with the type of atmosphere you are trying to create.


If an Artist cancels a confirmed booking they will receive a strike on their account - 3 strikes and their profile will be suspended from the Live&Loud service, unless they cancel the event within 24 hours of the booking confirmation. If an Artist cancels within 3 days of the event they will receive 2 strikes unless there are extenuating circumstances.

In the unlikely scenario a Venue cancels an event they will also receive a strike on their account - 3 strikes and their profile will be suspended from the the Live&Loud service for 6 months, unless they cancel the event within 24 hours of the booking confirmation. If a Venue cancels within 3 days of the gig event will receive 2 strikes.

Strikes stay on your account unless you successfully book 5 events - this removes 1 strike from your account.

What happens if an artist doesn't show up?

In the unlikely scenario an artist doesn't show up on the night for a booked event their profile will be suspended from the the Live&Loud service.

What is an Event Organiser Profile?

If you want to manage and book live music across multiple venues using one login then this is the profile for you.
When you create an event as an event organiser you enter the address and name of the venue for that event, allowing you to create multiple events across multiple venues all on one profile.

What is an Operator Profile?

The purpose of an operator profile is to manage and oversee a multiple number of venue profiles that are also accessible by the venues themselves (normally the general manager at each venue).
For example, you want to choose and book live music across multiple venues but you want the general managers at each of those venues to speak to the artists regarding further details, such as timings, lay outs, equipment, etc.
Normal venue profiles are set up for each venue with the manager’s email addresses. An operator profile is then created (normally for someone at head office) and all of the relevant venues are assigned to that Operator. Once you log in as the Operator you will see a dashboard of all of your venues. Simply click on a venue and you are automatically logged in as that venue.
If you want to sign up as an operator please contact [email protected]

What happens if something goes wrong / I have issues with the service?

Artists that apply aren't suitable for the event:
We remind artists before they send a request for a slot to make sure their style matches with the event but if they still aren't suitable you can simply ignore the request.

Artists that apply aren’t good enough:
If you don’t want to receive any more requests from a certain artist you can use the 'Hide' functionality on their profile and they won't see your events in the future.

Artists / Venues don't respond quickly enough:
If you aren't receiving a response to your request quickly enough you can also message them directly.